Stock photography is still a good source of passive income in 2023. However, you are prepared to do things differently than your competition. Here are some additional tips that you can use to improve your game as a stock photographer in 2023.

Document major events

Significant events in your city have worldwide importance, and print and broadcast media look for images and videos from the event where they cannot have their representation. If you’re a photographer and a significant event is happening in your city, get out and take your camera with you. Shoot as many photos and videos as possible and upload them on stock photo websites.

Change your perspective

If you’ve been shooting from the eye level, change your perspective and look for different perspectives than what you and the rest of the photography community might be comfortable with. Look for high or low vantage points and use those for your composition. If you’re a drone and legally can fly it t at the place, you can use it to capture a fascinating new perspective. You can use the drone to shoot an aerial video of the place, which may not have been done before.

Shoot timelapse

Timelapse videos are easy to shoot, but they get a lot of mileage. Set up your camera on a tripod and shoot a 5- or 10-second timelapse that you can upload as a video clip on a stock footage website. Timelapse videos are very popular with stock photos and buyers looking for video clips of locations. So, time-lapses, just as aerial videos, offer something interesting to choose from.

Shoot more with people in your frame

Many budding stock photographers don’t like to shoot with people. They find the whole process of identifying the people in the shot and then getting a model release from everyone in that shot cumbersome. Even if you could get a model release of a few faces, it’s not always possible to get a model release of all the identifiable faces in a shot of the crowd. Thus budding stock photographers prefer not to shoot faces. Just so they can avoid the cumbersome chore, this is precise what stock photography websites want. They want to see people’s faces. They want to see more diversity in those faces. As a stock photographer, you should look for more images with people’s faces. Carry several printed model release forms with you to use when needed.