Are you moving to Canada or selling your car in the country? You would need to import the vehicle before you can drive it. Well, it sounds complicated right at this moment, but there are certain things to keep in mind. 

If you begin the process a few weeks in advance, it will be easy to import the car. There are certain import requirements that need to be followed. Bringing your car to the country shouldn’t be a headache as long as you have a professional by your side and an idea about what the requirements are. 

Here’s an article that sheds light on the procedure of importing your car to Canada. 

#1 Meeting the basic import requirements 

Is your car admissible in the country? Well, you need to check Transport Canada’s list of admissible models and makes. 

#2 Get in touch with RIV & Transport Canada 

A few modifications would be required in your car before you can import it. You can contact both RIV and Transport Cana to get a list of required modifications. 

#3 Purchasing Canadian Car Insurance before Importing the Car to Canada 

You would need to get insurance for the car you are importing. It can be a little expensive, but there are insurance companies that offer lucrative plans. You can get in touch with a Canadian car insurance company to ask about the plans. Compare the rates before opting for any insurance. 

#4 The Need for an ITN number 

Clearit Car importing experts say that an ITN number is needed for importing a car into Canada. It is crucial, so don’t miss this step. 

Get in touch with Clearit Canada to know more about the ITN number and get it made for sure. 

Contact the US Customs 72 hours before importing the car 

Contact the United States border you wish to cross with the car. This should be done 72 hours before the crossing date. You can email or fax the customs station. They would need the certificate of your title and the ITN number. 

Bringing all the required documents to the Canadian border 

Carry a copy of the documents before you bring the car to the country. You need the title certificate, insurance certificate, ITN number, bill of sale with your address, name, the amount paid, and phone number. 

Paying the import tax 

Bring your car in and park it. Once it is inside, you would need to pay the import tax and fill out the importation form. You can fill this form on the RIV website beforehand as well. 

Summing up 

Worried about the procedure? Finding it too difficult to wrap your head around all the details? 

Well, you just need to contact Clearit Canada to get the right guidance. Feel free to get in touch with the experts.