How to save money is not a topic that is taught to us in schools or colleges. Because of the lack of knowledge, young people often ignore or stay clueless about the ways to save or manage their finances.

Below are some of the financial tips suggested mainly for young generations by investment experts to succeed early in life.

1. Keep a track of your expenses

Many people don’t track or even consider the amount of money they spend daily or weekly. Because of such ignorance, they sometimes spend more than they can afford. After that, debt follows up leaving them thinking about how they got caught up in that situation. 

To prevent such situations, there are many apps you can find on your Play Store which will help you track all your expenses so that you can limit yourself from making the same mistakes again.

2. Start budgeting

Now that you know how to track your expenses, it’s time to make a fixed budget. Note down all the necessities expenses such as food, communication, and transportation to some luxury expenses like watching movies, eating out, and shopping. Be determined about the budget that you have made and stick to it strictly to avoid extension spending.

3. Open a savings account

After tracking your expenses and making a budget, the most crucial thing to do next starts a savings account. Many young minds don’t consider what the future will be like for them and try to live the best life with everything they have. 

But in the future, you might not be alone like you are now. People have kids and families which require money to be taken care of. Start by saving small amounts every month. This will ensure that when you are at the age of retirement, you will have some money to live peacefully.


These are three basics and most important tips that many experts suggest to young people of today. Saving money is a topic that should be discussed with kids to make them responsible and independent people for themselves. However, some people don’t consider it as important which in the future will cost them a lot.