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The Best Way To Create Your Own Website

The Best Way To Create Your Own BusinessEvery successful business has a website mainly to give them some credibility and brand awareness so they can get customers from it.

When I embarked on going it alone and creating my own online business I really did not know where to start.

As always, I did a lot of research and looked at different websites, paying particular attention to the ones I liked and disliked, so that I had plenty of ideas to jot down for my own.

I looked at different website builders, designs, security, e-mail links, templates and I become very overwhelmed the more I got into the detail.

I used to have my own business in a slightly different field previously and I paid somebody to do my website for me. However, even then I had to write the content so this time around I wanted it to be a labor of love and I wanted complete control about the design, content and so much more.

I am now hoping that I can help you show you the best way to create your own website. I felt great once I finished my first one and I am also enjoying my second. The satisfaction of completing your own website is incredible and it certainly saves you a lot of money and to a certain degree time.

Help is on its way!

Why You Need A Website?

There are many reasons for needing a website but for me it is now the first-place people go to find out about a supplier, business or individual if they want to conduct any kind of business with them.

If I am looking at a business the first thing, I do is try to find their website as it gives me confidence to deal with them.

Many businesses need a website for sales of items, menu listing, booking services, setting appointments, timetables and e-mail building which are necessary forms of communication required for a website.

In the main your website is the place that customers will go to buy your products and services.

This means that your website needs to represent you and attract the customers that are necessary for your success.

Where do you start?

If it is so important how can you create a successful website that is going to bring you the customers you need?

Let me help you.

Branding & Logo

Firstly, we need to think about our branding and what our logo will look like.

I would not think too hard over this as the beauty of doing everything yourself will mean that you can change over time and as your business evolves.

Firstly, a name is super important so thinking about what your business is going to be called needs to be a priority.

Think about who your target audience will be and what your niche is.Who Is Your Audience

Who is your ultimate customer, based on your experience? Remember you cannot be all things’ to everyone.

Brain storming is a great way to do this. I usually start with a blank piece of paper and pen then set a time limit of between 2 to 5 minutes.

Set your timer whilst thinking about your task., Write down everything that comes into your head. Do not worry about duplication, spelling mistakes or grammar all you want are to throw down as many ideas and words as possible.

After you have finished walk away and have a cup of tea or coffee.

Now go back to your brainstorm and start to cross off duplication and words that do not make any sense. I then start to group words together with a colour pen and ringing them with an association.


Animals – Ringing in green all the words associated to that topic such as pigs, cow, rabbits, dog

Health – Exercise, Yoga, Nutrition, Cardiovascular

After you have grouped them together you can then start to build a picture of words that have a meaning for you until you find the company name that suits your business idea.

There are also sites that you can have a look at that might help with names. Double-barrelled words or those that have a double meaning can also be good choices. Also, using your own name can be appropriate especially for consultants or service experts.

Researching similar businesses and thinking about the names that they have used can be an interesting way to accumulate ideas.

After you have found your business name the next thing is to think about the colors for your brand.

I usually choose colors that resonate with me and sit well with my business.

Using an image and a strap line that people can understand what your business is all about, or creates an association for them to you, will help build your brand even further.

An Example

One of my businesses is based around health and fitness.

I named my business Health – Huddle

Strap line “specialist in all things’ health, exercise & nutrition”

Blue and white are my favourite colors and I have created a palette that I use for my brand.

I thought about my customer, so I wanted to appeal to a target audience of females aged between 40 to 60 so I wanted my business to reflect that. I wanted to create a softer less invasive feel to my brand and throughout my website.

Health Huddle Logo

https://health-huddle with a picture of a female in a yoga pose is what I used for my logo.

This is your start and foundation for the rest of your website. Do not worry if you have not quite got the personalisation you want because you can start to really build this throughout your website the more you work on it.

Building Your Website

By now you will have a good idea about the look and feel for your website. This is where you can start to get super creative and bring your individuality throughout.

The first thing when building a website is to think about whether you want to completely start from scratch, or you want to use designed templates.

If you are very technical and can handle algorithms, then building a purpose-built website is a great thing to do.

However, if you are like me and enjoy being creative but would rather know that you have some help along the way then choosing a website builder is the option that I would go for. The extra cost in my opinion is worth it.

There are many website builders out there such as: –



Go Daddy

Site 123

Network Solutions


These are just a few but it is worthwhile looking to see which one you favor most.

I personally opted to go with Wealthy Affiliate as in my opinion they have the best trainingWA Training and a huge amount of support available 24/7. There is also a huge community of people that are available to help along the way.

In terms of value for money I am paying for the training and expertise to help me to build my business through the WordPress platform. Equally, I also decided that alongside my business I could get involved in Affiliate Marketing which is big business now and bring me an extra income.

Domains, security, website building are just some ways where I can get so much help to really get my website ready, plus a lot more training and hands on experience and support for a small monthly fee. When I have any questions in regard to the design or links then I have people available to help me through. It was great as a newbie especially when I was stuck with different aspects of the process.

If you wish to try it then you are more than welcome with their FREE 30-day trial and you can find out for yourself.



Please find a video link which shows you how to build a website in under 30 seconds using Wealthy Affiliate.


If you click on my link, then you will find a lot more detail here. Feel free to ask me any questions too.


After you have chosen your website builder then you can start to look at the type of design that you might want to choose.

Writ it Shoot it Create it

There are usually mixes of templates available which will really make it easier for you to get creative.

I must admit whilst the majority of setting up is easy, on the odd occasion I did get stuck with parts of the process.

You can change Colors, Fonts, add photos, media and so much more. As you add in more information and start to see your website coming alive you feel enormously proud.

Security is an important aspect to building your website as you do not want to have a website open to cyber attacks or any other issues. You will therefore need to ensure that your website builder allows you to host your website as this will be easier and safer.

Plugins and themes will usually be part of your package with many offering SEO platforms too.

Whilst most platforms allow you to set up for free you need to have a look at all the addons to ensure you have the necessary cover, support and the security you need for your website. Have a look at each providers plans and pricing, so that you can compare and understand what your true cost will be.

Domain Name

Again, this is a feature that most of your providers will be able to do for you although you can go to places such as 123 Registration. This is where you choose a name that you can build your website on.

Business Aholic is my business name and is found on my domain as

I have also linked my personal e-mail to the same

The domain name is an extra cost and is usually paid for yearly with other extended options too.


The other area you need to think about for your website is how you are going to take your website to market. There are two options I believe are vital.


This is where you start to build out your content and get creative. This is where you start to give potential customers to your website information that will help them.

Information is important as this is where the trust starts to build before your visitors become clients or customers.

It is imperative that you provide good, honest, and original information that will help people.

As an example, this article is helping people to build their own website as I know how difficult and daunting that it was for me. I am hoping that I can provide others with the help and advice from my own experience.

You can then add in media or photos to really bring your articles to life and make it truly yours.

Social MediaSocial Media Icons

This aspect of marketing is again a perfect opportunity for you to engage with your audience and send traffic to your website.

I have linked my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube Channels to my websites so that I can use the content creating a greater awareness of who I am and what my business is.

The better the engagement and the more you send people to your website the more successful your business. You can also add links to your social medial channels and vice versa.

Adding in Newsletter e-mail capturing can really help your audience get to know you better.

Do not forget to attach your Pivacy Policy and GDPR information especially if you are taking peoples details.


I hope that you are now confident about starting your own business and know the best way to create your own website with these tips and advice.

When I started my website, it took me about 4 weeks to have it up and running to a place that I was able to publish it to the public.

I continue to improve both my websites that I have now built, and I am always adding content.

The journey I had with building my own website was a truly rewarding one and I hope that it will be the same for you.

I really hope that I have been able to help you and if you need any further advice or have any comments then please leave below.


10 thoughts on “The Best Way To Create Your Own Website

  1. Lovely website Imelda and wonderful article. You’ve done a great job breaking down the steps to creating a website beautifully and given great tips on how we can market ourselves as well. I admit that if you’re trying to go about this on your own in can be overwhelming and stressful so it’s nice to have a place to go like this that lays it out in an easy to understand format while providing resources for further success.

    1. Thank you Rachel,

      I am so pleased that you think that I have provided good simple advice. I really appreciate your comments and hopefully I take the stress away.

      Kind regards


  2. Getting started in the online space is the dream for all but actually knowing how to even secure the online space is the very first space before getting started with anything. I actually like what you have shared here and I must say that I fancy it all. What you shared is the very basic that we all should know before getting started with creating a website to get started with our online business. thanks

    1. Thank you Kimberley,

      I am so pleased that you think this article is going to help people which was my aim.

      Thanks for your comments


  3. Hi Imelda Easthorpe,

    Wealthy Affiliate is a very good platform to create your own website. I have used it to create my site onlinebusinessfor50 and host it there as well. Everything is so easy, and you do not need to download any CMS when you compare it with  Siteground if you host your site at their server.

    If you are beginner, Wealthy Affiliate has the free membership for you to sign up and take their Level 1 free. I strongly encourage you to start learning from there. 

    Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful platform. It is a large community with a lot of helpful members, encouraging each other to build their own business to earn a better passive income. Start today and work towards your dream goal. You definitely can achieve it. 

    I like the way you get your creative ideas by writing down all the words and associate similar one together. I will try it tonight when I write my blog post on my site. This idea is rather amazing for me. 

    1. Thank you so much

      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my post and I am so pleased you are enjoying being a Wealthy Affiliate. The community is amazing and there is so much training every step of the way.

      Kind regards


  4. Hi Imelda,

    A very thorough article and you have present your design process step by step.  I learn something from it.  I am a very impulsive person and don’t always follow guidelines.  You showed me ways to do thing properly – including planning and organisation. I am sure your article will help other people to build their online business successfully.  

    I look forward to see more good articles in the future. 


    Mister Wailor

    1. Thank you Mister Wailor

      I am so pleased that you have found my article helpful. That is important as I really want to help as many people as possible.

      Good luck


  5. Wow! It looks like you have come a long way from having someone else manage your website to not only managing your own web site but it also shows that you really have gained a lot of knowledge along the way! Thanks for passing on what you have learned!
    Congrats on your success in your business and may you have continued success in the future!

    1. Hello Les,
      Thank you so much for your comments they really are appreciated.
      Yes, I have definitely come a long way to which I am very proud. I have enjoyed being really creative and allowing my websites to come alive the way I want.
      Greatly appreciate your comments and hope they will help others.
      Thank you again

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