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Social Media NetworkingApproximately 4.7 Billion people worldwide use the internet. Social Media have surpassed 3.8 Billion which equates to about 60% of the world’s population.

Therefore, for anybody looking to create their online home business then using Social Media is a must if you want to start trying to get traffic to your website.

There are so many Social Media Channels out there some of which are more successful than others. Some of these channels will also be better places for you to hang out than others depending on who your target audience is.

Try to not get too overwhelmed by the prospect of using Social Media as I hope I can explain in simple terms which platform is best to use for you and how to go about starting the process.

What I will mention is that it is best to get good and comfortable at using one media channel before you go onto using others otherwise you might suddenly feel out of your depth.

I tend to use Facebook the most as this is where I feel most comfortable and I ensure I post here every day as a minimum.


The other channels I use in equal amounts are






I have opened a Tik Tok Channel, but I still feel uncomfortable using this and my audience tends to be older so not here as much. However, this is a work in progress, and I will find a way of using as it gets bigger.


Facebook has been around for over 16 years now and is by far the largest of all the Social Media Channels.

1.95 Billion followers are on Facebook which means that one third of the world’s population aged 18 or over can now be reached through this channel. Women equate to 44% of the audience with male audience equating to 56%.

Whilst the growth of Facebook is slowing down it is still in growth year-on-year.

On Facebook you can post photos and now you can also stream live to your audience. I consistently post of my Facebook pages and I go live everyday Monday to Friday as this has a greater engagement range.

First you need to create your own individual Facebook Page if you do not have one already.

Step 1

Visit and go to Create New Account.

Step 2

Complete the details appropriately and press “Next” button. Facebook will ask you for

First Name & Surname

Date Of Birth

Mobile Number


Create Password

Then Press “Sign Up”

Step 3

Type in the security check “captcha” characters that Facebook asks for. Then press “sign up” again.

Step 4

Log into your e-mail service and then you can connect with friends.

Step 5

You can now start to compile your Profile Page, Security and Page Set so that other people can find you.

Once you have completed your own Facebook profile then you add a business Facebook Page or Group that you might want to work with.

This is my profile page. I have linked my fitness page which is also linked to my website
I have also linked my Business Aholic Page also linked to my website

You can have as many Facebook pages linked to your profile as you want just by clicking create button top left of page.

The other option is to create a group which I do if I am creating a course or membership.

Once you have set up you can then start to find friends and family and then start to build out your audience.

Facebook has lots of helpful tips if you get stuck.



Twitter started back in 2006 and is mainly used for sharing news fast, follow high profile celebrities and keep in touch with old school friends.

Every day there are approximately 500 million tweets sent so as you can imagine it is a popular platform for business users to connect with their audience.

Twitter is super simple to use but to get the greatest growth you should post a minimum of 6 times per day.

Step 1

Set up your account

Complete your details on your profile as much as possible.

Step 2

Create a post by clicking the text box that says, “What’s Happening”.

It can be a photo, GIF, or a poll using the icons below it.

Add a URL link to the greater detail once you have added a little caption about the link for others to read more.

Add some #hashtags to the post which is what enables you to reach an audience.

In total, you only have 140 characters so make sure the words you use are interesting and snappy.

Step 3

Follow people and pursue other posts by pressing #Explore on the left-hand side of your profile page. You will then find lots of links to popular posts that are trending. Here you can also follow celebrities, sports people, politicians etc

When you see the posts, you can retweet with or without a quote (I suggest a mix of both).

You can then also follow your favourites and start to build your account from there.


Pinterest has only been around since 2010 but is growing in followers daily. The aim is to share and collect images.

Try to think of Pinterest as a Bulletin Board where you put notice pins onto as you can see from my account

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Select “sign up” in the top left-hand top corner of the web page.

Step 3

Create your account

Enter your e-mail

Create a password

Enter your age

Press “Continue”

Step 4

Continue to input the rest of your information





Step 5

Once your interests are in place Pinterest will offer you some pins. You can click on those of interest and add to boards that you create. If you wish you can follow those people.

General rule is that people will follow those who follow them.

Step 6

I create separate boards for my own pins and link to my own URL so that your followers can lead to your website.



The advertising reach of Instagram is around 89.3 million users. 200 million users every day will interact with at least 1 business profile. Users generally visit once per day which lasts an average 28 minutes. Instagram is now owned by Facebook and is another growing platform.

Instagram is fast moving and is all about posts through photos, lives, and stories.

To use you need to download the app as the desktop is limited in what it can do.

Step 1

Click “Sign Up” to get started and create your account. It is worth joining with your Facebook account as they are linked.

Step 2

At the bottom of the app you will see various icons

Home page

Search – Here you can follow others, like photos etc

“Plus Sign” – Where you add photos – Write captions of interest and then add hashtags as this is how other people will find your content.

Heart – Used to see who is following you and liked your posts.

Shadow Picture – Your account which shows all your posts.

As Instagram grows it adds different features.


This is a platform for business users and connections for career development. You can use your profile as a resume.

Whilst it is a professional site it is also a social network where you can share ideas or post thoughts and even jobs.

There are about 610 million users and started up in 2003.

Initially you need to set up your profile

Step 1


Start to build your profile which is how people will start to find you.

Step 2

You can then start to build up your followers through interest and people you might know.

Continue to build up over time and look to post every other day as a minimum.


YouTube is a great video sharing social network platform and I know that it is something that I use regularly.

YouTube has about 2 Billion users and most are aged between 18- and 44-year old.

Many people like myself used to supplement their business whilst others are making money through their YouTube account alone.

Step 1

If you have a Google ID or G mail account, then you can create your account relatively easily.

Alternatively go to and create your account.

Step 2

Asks you to enter Google Username & Password




E Mail Address

Mobile Number

Step 3

Create your profile and YouTube Channel.

Your YouTube channel will allow you to post videos that you make.

Your personal profile will allow you to upload other people videos and save.

Conclusionlaunch Social Media Channels

Hopefully, you will now be able to set up your accounts with my simple instructions. To be honest it is relatively easy to set up your profile in each and takes little time to get used to.

Moving forward I will go into a lot more detail with some hints and tips to enable you to reach more people and enable you to drive more traffic and improve your website ranking.

As I mentioned first you need to find your audience and start to use the platform that you enjoy and where you know your people are.

Once you get good with one then you can start to roll out others until you build up the various platforms and then post on all regularly.

I am sure that we will continue to get more and more Social Media Platforms as the web space increases continuously.

If you need any further help advice or if you have any questions, then please post below.


10 thoughts on “Social Media Networking

  1. Wow! This sis really good to see here. Honestly, it can make a lot of difference for us going forward. Being able to really get to use social media to leverage our networking can be the best things for us on the long run. I appreciate this post and will definitely bookmark it. Network markeyingbis the way and knowing how to do it would go a long way to ensuring success. Thanks

    1. Thank you Nath,

      I really appreciate your comments and so pleased that it will help you and anyone else who kindly reads it.

      Here’s to your success


  2. Hello there, business have come to so many houses that you’ll ha r to accept that there could be some only risk and progress that could come from it. Social media have been on it’s on for long and seeing how online businesses go making use of it to grow your business is the very right idea and anyone can go with it

    1. Thank you Justin, at a time where we want to try and move our businesses forward then Social Media is definitely the way to go and you do not have to spend lots of money.

      All the best


  3. Hey Imelda. That is, indeed, the standard lineup of social media platforms that marketers need to use. But I wonder what you think o Webtalk? It’s been making quite a splash lately as a more professional alternative to Facebook and I have been seeing it advertise quite extensively. Do you have any experience with that platform yet? Is this something that we should be looking at seriously?

    1. Hello Gregory,

      Thank you so much for your comments and yes I have heard of Webtalk but I have not it yet. It does appear to be something that is worth keeping an eye on. New things are always worth trying if you feel that your audience is there.

      Thank you 


  4. Being able to go to this online platforms to advertise is something really good because it gives me the chance to be able to reach a vast majority of people. Just like you, I feel more comfortable with Facebook and another platform that I use very often is Instagram and Linkin too. Anyone who is into affiliate marketing or Networking and isn’t taking it to social media is missing out on a lot.

    1. Thank you Suz,

      Yes, you are so correct about using Social Media to your benefits. We cannot build a brand without it which is why it is so important.

      Keep posting and building.


  5. Hi, 

    This article is very important to me because I like any topic that as to do with social media networking, there are billions of people out there that uses social media and it is a good means of generating traffic to your website if you know how to do the networking, social media as been useful.

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you Aluko, I am so pleased I was able to help as that is always at the forefront of everything I post.

      Greatly appreciate your comments.

      Thank you 

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