How To Write Good Content

How To Write Good Content For A Website – 7 Simple Steps

How To Write Good ContentIntroduction

So many people feel that writing good content is so difficult and complexed to do. They think about their schooldays and how poor their skills were unless you were a super academic.

Well, I want to share with you how easy it is to right good content that people will find interesting and will help them in their everyday life. Answer those questions that they are desperate to understand or gives them the tools they need to develop their own skills.

Writing content is often overlooked by so many people and needed in so many ways such as with Blogging, Reviews, Teaching, Social Media or YouTube if you are going to be giving information live.

It is also important for correspondence or journalism as well as more in depth writing such as books.

The information I want to share with you is from my own experiences for anyone looking to get their online business started but the principles for all the above will be the same.

Let us get started with Step 1 – Introduction.

It takes about 15 seconds for people to decide that they wish to read the information that is written. More than 2 Million articles are produced online every day with over 4.33 billion active internet users.

This means that the Title Subject, Layout, and Introduction have got to grab your audience.

In your introduction it is important to let your readers know what is being presented and how it can answer their question.

Never forget anything that you write is always about others and not yourself.

Step 2 – Choose Niche Subject

The most important part to writing your article is in choosing a subject that you are familiar with. I believe that it is so important for your readers to know that you are being genuine and can offer advice and information based on your experiences and knowledge.

I also find that in writing about a subject that you know about will make the information easier for you to put down on paper.

As an example, my health and fitness business (Health Huddle was something that I started because it is not only a subject that I am passionate about but it is something that I have had lots of training in.

Whenever I write an article it is always produced to help others to take control of their health and I offer advice predominantly on exercise, nutrition and so much more.


How I choose my Niche is by doing a brainstorm and just spending a few minutes throwing onto a piece of paper anything that comes into my head. Once I have something that resonates on me that is the subject I will choose to write about.

Step 3 – Research

It is important that the information that you provide is not only unique but is also up to date. You want to ensure that you are true to the subject matter, so I spend a lot of time researching my article.Research

I research a lot of scientific and medical facts and if I give my own opinion about something then I always ensure that my audience is fully aware of this. I especially do this with my Facebook lives when I am doing some teaching. There are certain things that I will advise people such as never eating “Processed Foods” which is based on lots of scientific facts. However, my theory based on the manufacturing industry is my own and can be quite controversial. When I speak in this way then I want people to understand “Why?” I feel like that, to help them broaden their thought process but to keep my article genuine to me. It also enables me to build up trust with my audience and lets them get to know me better.

You will not appeal to everyone with the articles that you write so do not ever think that you can. Just write honestly and be the person that you are, and you will attract an audience that trusts you and finds similarities in who you are.

Researching your topic, no matter how much you might know about the subject will give you a broader understanding which will come through when you start to write.

Research, research, research!

Step 4 – Article Layout

I always work with a template so that my article looks easy to read. Nobody wants to see lots and lots of words as most of us like to scan information and a lot of us are very visual people.

Make sure that your article looks good on a page so that it is easy to read. Remember that people will decide to read or not in under 15 seconds, so it is important that you make that journey as easy as possible.

Content Layout

My articles always have an Introduction and a Conclusion. I then use a minimum of 5 paragraphs. These will be based on my content which I like to break down into bite sized chunks. This also helps you to stay on track with the information that you wish to put across to your readers.

I use a font “Arial” and size 12 as it is easy to digest from an initial viewpoint and is perfect for being picked up by search engines. At the end of the day search engines are important as you want as much traffic as possible to send people to that content.

I like to add in colour from pictures to break up and highlight my information. You need to ensure that the pictures are a perfect match for your article and the words you choose. There would be nothing worse than reading about an elephant and use a picture of a tiger.

The other thing that I like to do is make certain things stand out through highlighting certain parts of my content again to make it easier to read. I also want people to take something away from the information I have given them as I know they will not remember it all. Highlighting certain parts can enable them to remember a little more or take snippets away.

Step 5 – Keywords

Should be used everywhere so that the most amount of traffic can easily find your article.

As I mentioned earlier over 2 Million Articles written every day and over 4.33 Billion
active internet users and you want your information to get noticed. Keywords help you to do just that.

Jaaxy Keywords Jaaxy Wordshelps you to ensure that your content is read through researching all the search engines to find out what information people are wanting to know about.

As an example, when I was choosing my title for this article, I knew I wanted to explain to you new to writing content how easy it can be. I searched my keywords in Jaaxy
to give me the most beneficial words so that you could find this information.

Using Jaaxy is probably the most important tool especially for sending traffic to your website. Ensuring that your article gets to those who are after your answers for their question is why you are writing in the first place.

Step 6 – Content Information

The body of your article is the key to providing your audience with the information that they want and that answers their valuable questions.

All you must do is write the article so that your reader can understand the content within. It should enable your reader to action immediately all that has been put to them.

I want to ensure that once you have finished reading my 7 Steps that you are able to immediately start to write a great article for your website. By following these simple steps will ensure that you will also drive traffic to that information for all your audience to read.

If you believe that vocabulary and punctuation is an issue for you then add “Grammarly” onto your computer which I use all the time. I also advised my partner to put onto his computer as he sometimes has an issue with words, and this helps him. Also, it is free and will help with absolutely anything you write.Content Info

When you start writing it will become increasing easier and the habits of my 7 Steps will be ingrained in every piece of content you use for your website.

Your article should be a minimum of 1000 words again so that it has the best opportunity to be recognized in search engines. To increase your chances article of between 2000 and 3000 words rank even higher. However, you still need to remember that it should be good honest content. This article I have written here contains 1644 words.

Step 7 – Conclusion

Your last and final step is the conclusion which is your way of bringing all your content for your reader to a close.

You want to sum everything up in this last and final step giving your reader a review of all they have learnt.

In my conclusion for you I want to ensure that you are now confident with my 7 Simple Steps that you will be able to write good content for your website.

Step 1 – Introduction

Step 2 – Choose Niche Subject

Step 3 – Research

Step 4 – Article Layout

Step 5 – Keywords

Step 6 – Content Information

Step 7 – Conclusion

Remember to always be genuine and be yourself writing about articles that you have a passion about so that you can answer your readers’ questions.

Use the very words to increase the traffic for your website and the content therein.

Most of all have fun and enjoy sharing your knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world.

Now go and write!7 Simple Steps

If you want to know more or have any comments or questions then please leave them below.


8 thoughts on “How To Write Good Content For A Website – 7 Simple Steps

  1. Thank you for sharing your post. It is detailed and informative that anyone can read and will understand it easily. Writing a content is not hard as you think as long as you have said the simple steps to make it go along and publish it. Your post can be a good step for inspiring bloggers and writers. In addition, you are leading the blogger and writers to have a systemized easy steps.

    1. Thank you Lyn,

      I really appreciated your comments and I am pleased that you believe they will help others.

      A step by step process helps to stop the anxiety and overwhelm associated with producing content.

      All the best


  2. These are great points that you have brought out in your article. Your post certainly did grab my attention, and keep it. I will use these guidelines as a template when I’m writing so that I deliver quality each time. You mention that not everyone will or should find your articles appealing which is something I have never thought about so thanks for liberating me on that one, I’m Miss Perfectionist haha.

    1. Thank you Nozipho,

      I am really pleased that my guidelines are able to help you and it is something that you can keep and refer back too.

      Underneath I am a perfectionist which is why appealing to your audience will help. 



  3. You have given a very good outline for adding website content. Your steps are easy-to-follow and while it may seem like a lot of work, I find they become quite intuitive with regular writing. In fact, so much happens as we are planning our articles.

    While this information might be quite helpful for newcomers, I think experienced writers also need these reminders from time to time. I know that sometimes I get ahead of myself when writing and find the article I’m writing gets a little jumbled. It’s definitely helpful to think of writing step-by-step.

    1. Thank you Diane,

      I really appreciate your comments and pleased these steps are useful for you.

      I think you are right they are a good reminder for seasoned writers too.

      Thank you again

      All the best


  4. These are some great pointers on How to Write good Content for a Website. Research is very important and specially if you are writing reviews or blogs about scientific topics. I like the way in which you point out that it is important to be yourself when you write and that way you will build up trust with your audience. 

    Do you think it is better to do keyword research before you start creating your content, or do it afterwards and then add your keywords to your content?

    1. Hello Lin,

      Thanks for some great comments and pleased you were able to find this information useful.

      I usually write google similar content to mine through my research. Then I will write my content and at the end do my Jaxxy research to give my content an enhanced SEO especially for my title. I literally will use Jaxxy three times.

      Good luck


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