How To Build A WordPress Website In 30 Seconds

How To Build A WordPress Website in 30 Seconds?

How To Build A WordPress Website in 30 SecondsIntroduction

4.57 Billion Internet users Worldwide which means that our website is more important than ever.

I know that as soon as I come across a business, I am remotely interested in the first thing that I do is google the website. Then I have complete access to the business identity, and I can ascertain whether this is a business I wish to continue to do more with.

I think of our website as a mirror into our business and the biggest way that you can build trust with your audience.

Therefore, developing and creating your website is especially important and needs to feel and understand your personality.

Once you know your brand and you have your logo the next thing that you need to think about is whether you are going to create your own website or if you are going to outsource.

When deciding the difference between the costs think about your time too. Outsourcing will cost you money whilst creating a website yourself will be time consuming. You need to weigh up which has more importance to you.

One thing that you do need to think about is even if you outsource you will have to help with creating and content.

What if I could show you a way to create a website in 30 seconds?

Would this be of interest to you?

Then please continue reading to find out more.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a modern software that started in 2003 but its roots date back to 2001. Started by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg who are supported by skilled developers, designers, scientists, bloggers ad much more.WordPress

Their motto is “The freedom to build. The freedom to change. The freedom to share.”

WordPress is an open sourced platform which means that it can allow you to create something new and specific to your business. Built for developers and newcomers alike with plenty of variables to choose from.

People with limited technical experience can use the “out of the box” product whilst those who are a little more savvy can customize to their hearts content.

Their developers ensure that they are continually updating the product to ensure it remains at the forefront of technology. They ensure bug fixing, security and usage are their number one priority.

They offer over 7,890 themes to choose from and this sets your style for the website. You can then start to build your website with colours and fonts adding blocks and menus with their guidance.

They offer plenty of help and guidance as you set yourself along your journey.

How To Get Your WordPress Site Setup FREE?

I know what you are thinking. This all sounds far too complicated and will not take 30 seconds.

Then please let me show you how I set up two of my business websites in 30 seconds.

Part of my business is selling affiliate products which is a side line to my business. As a result, I set out my journey with Wealthy Affiliate on their FREE Trial Month. It was here that I got an understanding of the business but most importantly went on to create my online business.

They have developed a product called WordPress Express which is a completely ready-made product that sets your website up in 30 second

Build A Website in 30 Seconds

Please find the Video Link here which you are welcome to access.

This means that whilst WordPress is an amazing site you still need

Web hosting



Technical Knowledge

WordPress Express basically takes all the hard work away so that you just get to concentrate on the creation.

Attached you also receive your own domain linked to your business as well as your e-mail address.

Whilst there are free options within SiteRubix you can also pay for specific domains as I did for a nominal fee.


I also have a few email addresses linked
being one of them.

Together with this service you also have an opportunity of participating in their training which is so in-depth. It is not just training on setting up a website but also includes the whole of your business aspects.


Social Media

Blog Posts

WA Affiliate Program

SEO Enhancements

Plus much more

Training Available
















One of the added bonuses is the amazing community of around 250,000 people who all have their own businesses and all helping one another to become a success.

Once your FREE trial has been completed you have the option to continue as a premium member which is what I decide to do as I believe with all the training you get is more than worth the monthly fee.

Enhancing Your Website

After 30 seconds your website is ready for you to start and the next part is all the fun stuff.Enhance Content

Enhancing your website starts with creating good content that is full of unique information pertaining to your niche business.

You can add lots of photos and videos that helps your audience to really get to know your business and most importantly build up trust with you.

This is the best part for me as I have enjoyed getting creative and developing my website on a weekly basis.

I try to add articles that I believe will help my audience solve problems and enable them to get to know me a little better.

Enhancing your website will enable you to get creative and really bring out your personality. Have fun and learn as you go along. I am no expert but I am learning and trying new things all the time and that is something that I thoroughly enjoy.

Another great thing with being part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community is that if I get stuck of need an extra bit of advice, I can just put it out there and I will get the answers. Equally, at the same time I get different ideas from other people within the group.

There are also regular weekly training sessions which are live, and you can really get involved so that your understanding increases all the time.

Driving Traffic To Your Website

Attract Traffic

Once you have created your website the next step is to send traffic specific to your audience there.

SEO rankings are so important, and the WordPress Express platform really allows you to do this. This is helped by generating interesting content regularly together with using the right words to do this.






Linked to your WordPress Express platform is the ability to use Jaxxy Research which helps you to choose the right words and phrases to get you noticed better. Yes, of course there is plenty of training on how to do this too.







The training will continue to take you through how to increase traffic through marketing and social media all of which need not cost you any further money.


Congratulations, if you have read this article and acted after this video then you are well on your way to creating a successful website that you can be proud of.

I have thoroughly enjoyed creating and I continue to do this regularly to provide you with information that you can use to create a successful online business.

Hopefully, you have started your FREE trial membership and I want you to know that I am here for you every step of the way. I am here to help and support you and answer any questions that you might have.

Alternatively, if you have not quite taken the step yet but would like to know more than please leave any questions or concerns that you might have below.


18 thoughts on “How To Build A WordPress Website in 30 Seconds?

  1. I use WordPress as well, and it is very easy to get a website started.  30 seconds seems a bit of a stretch, but I get it…it is simple and fast.  Once you get it started though, I found that it takes constant work with new posts, updating information, etc.  It is an ongoing process, but definitely worth it and anyone can start a website with WordPress.

    1. Thank you Leah,

      The website video I have included takes you through getting your website up and running in 30 seconds. All you then have to do is create your content and branding,

      If you need any further help then please let me know.

      Good luck with your business


  2. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of information. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really detailed one. I find it very helpful because it contains valuable information everyone should hold on to. I’m going to share this article with friends so they too can be aware of this. I have a WordPress website and I built it using site rubix of wealthy affiliate platform. This is another style and it’s really great. Thank you

    1. Hello Sophie,

      I really appreciate the comments you have shared with us about your experience with Wealthy Affiliate and I really hope that this will help others make the decision right for them.

      Good luck


  3. I remember the first time I thought about building a website. I was so afraid and I completely feel that I needed some expert assistance. Until I found Wealthy Affiliate, they made the process of building a website so easy that I was able to do it in no time. I got the video training on how to set it up, and what to share on your website. So, the training will help you create quality content to attract visitors and help the search engines to rank your website.

    And be sure that you will find there all the help and training you need to continue building your website and online business every day.


    1. Thank you so much

      Your experience and comments will really help others looking to build their website and also to do it within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

      Good luck with your business


  4. You are right, it is so easy and quick when you are a member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I think I didn’t have my first website up and running in 30 seconds for the first time, but every other time it gets quicker and easier. 
    WordPress is the best system for website building. Now and then I get asked by friends which system I recommend and I always say WordPress.
    For anyone wanting to become a full-time blogger or to have an online business, website building is just the start. Then all the SEO and promotion comes in place, and that’s why Wealthy Affiliate is great as it provides all the training and support. 

    1. Thank you Lenka,

      It is lovely to hear your experience with Wealthy Affiliate and that you get so much more than just the ability to set up your website in 30 seconds. 

      Good luck on your journey


  5. I agree, a website is truly a window to our business. I myself like the website to be clean, professional looking and fast. Thank you for sharing how easy it is to have a site with wordpress through Wealthy Affiliate. You are right it is all about content so I am sure that Jaxxy can help with finding the right keywords to rank on google. Will check them out. 

    1. Yes Nuttanee,

      I think it is important that your website reflects your business and you as a brand.

      Greatly appreciate your comments

      All the best


  6. Hi 

    This is a great post and much needed, as businesses are currently being started weekly and being able to build your own website with ease is a bonus. Being able to build one in record time has great advantages saving you time and money. A website is a must for any business as it can hold additional information and be able to get customer/ client feedback.

    How do you choose the right theme for your website?

    I have used this same system and found it amazingly easy and yes 30 seconds to have my website build up and running. I would strongly recommend this system to anyone looking to build a website for any reason. 

    WordPress websites give you plenty of options and once trained easy to update, I feel this is the ideal system on the market at present giving you total control 


    1. Thank you Wince,

      I am so pleased that you have had some great success. I think themes are very personal but worth not getting too worried about the right one. Choose the one that gives you the greatest visual you need.

      Thank you again


  7. I’m currently using wordpress as a website builder and it’s great! It’s simple to use but that’s once you get the hang of it.

    This is a great post especially for those just starting out, it’s simple and easy to read and follow!

    I think WA is a great platform to begin your online business journey! It’s really helpful!

    Thanks for providing us with this information!

  8. Hello. Good day. Thanks for this article on how to build a wordpress website. I myself basically don’t have a website and I always wanted to open one for myself but too scared of opening one and scared of what am going to do when I open the website. But this article has made me want to face that fear of opening a website. I think am going to take this opportunity and open a website of my own and also seek ideas of what to do also. Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you Bob,

      I am so pleased that you have this article helpful for you. I enjoy building a website so I really hope that you do the same.

      Best of luck


  9. I have done this before but I was looking for a way I could possibly do it for free. You have described wonderfully how I can do that now and I will ensure to share this with those that struggle with the same thing. It is really astounding that one can make such a impressive thing as a website just under 30 seconds and for free!

    1. Thank you for your comments.

      I am so pleased that I have been able to help you.

      If you need any further help please let me know.


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