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Looking at starting your first online business but do not know where to start?

Let me help you with some of the most popular questions that I get asked especially when you are feeling that overwhelm.

Taking control of your life and giving you an opportunity to add to your current income or start something for yourself is something that you should embrace.

I have worked for large Corporate Organisations for over 30 years working 70 hours plus more a week and being part of someone else’s dream and beckoned call.

There was nothing better for me then being set free and looking to myself to work in my own way and create my own financial stability with my own dream. I can safely say that I would not turn back.

Is it hard work? Most definitely.

Do I sometimes feel alone with no one to turn too? Yes indeed.

However, I have the reigns to develop my dream to reality and I can work hard for myself and get the rewards I deserve creating a better work life balance. There are also so many other people out there doing something similar so there are great bonds built as a result. You are never alone!

I have put together some of the Top 5 questions that I can asked from people all the time anxious to start their online business. I truly hope that this helps you to gain the confidence to get started.

What Business Should I Do?

This is probably the top question I get asked all the time from people not knowing exactly where to start.What Business Should I Do?

So many people looking to start their online business feel trapped in the roles that they have had with work which might not have given them pleasure.

During this time especially so many people have lost their jobs, businesses or merely want to supplement their income.

Having your own online business enables you to take control back not just of your finances but your whole life.

My suggestion to you is first to think about what is important for you and write/type it down on a blank piece of paper.

Financial Freedom

Working hours

Holidays Per Year

New Car

More time for friends and family

Now on a separate piece of paper write down interests and hobbies that make you smile.





Arts and Crafts





Basically, you want a business that you are proud of and working under the conditions that you want to work.


When I decided to go online, I want to work no more that 40 hours per week. I finish work at 3pm Friday and do not return until Monday 9am.

I want to take 3 holidays per year and spend more time with my family and friends.

My hobbies are health and fitness, and this makes me smile and something I enjoy.

Your start up business online takes hard work and dedication and every day you must have the motivation to get out of bed. Sometimes it will be at least 6 months to 1 year before you start earning any money. If you do not have a business you are proud of and something that you enjoy doing you will find it hard to get out of bed every day and create business success.

How Long Does It Take To Get Started?

How Long?

This is such a difficult to answer as it depends on so many factors.

What will you be doing?

How are you going to set yourself up?

Why are you wanting to go online?

How much time and dedication can you give?

The most important thing is to get started as it will not be perfect, and your business will evolve along the way.

Starting your online business is tough especially when you get that feeling of overwhelm. Your dedication and perseverance will get your through and will ensure you have that success you desire.


Create and enjoy your journey

Achieve Business Success.

Can I Start My Online Business Whilst Keeping My Day Job?

The short answer is most definitely yes.

However, there are a few things that you need to think about along the way first of which is going to be the expectations of success that you want to achieve.

Over 1 year ago I wanted to start online so I did but after a few months was offered a job within the corporate world again and left my own dreams behind. I thought that I would be able to continue developing my business alongside my day job. However, how can you possibly work on another business when I was dedicating 70 hours per week doing the job I was employed to do.Can I Juggle Both?

I started this business to help others whether you are employed and want additional income or to help those looking to change their career and those who have lost jobs.

You need at least 20 hours per week for your start up online business because you do need to put time and effort in to create the success that you deserve.

Whilst you are working part-time and thinking about business ideas you can also look into what knowledge you might require, and you can certainly start working on this.

At the end of the day one of the biggest reasons for starting a business for yourself online is about financial security so as your business grows you will have the ability to stop your part-time job.

How Much Does It Cost To Start An Online Business?

So, there are no excuses about getting started straight away as you can virtually start with £0. Yes, that is right, you do not need to have any money behind you and can start to build a perfectly successful business.

What Is The Cost?

There are a few things that you do need to think about currently.

Are you going to need materials? – Example arts and crafts to make masks

Postage and packing to send out goods to your customers.

Something else that you might want to consider is time versus cost. When I started my own business, I decide to do my own website and enjoy the time to create and gain knowledge. The question that you need to consider yourself is whether the time spent in doing this is a good use of your time.

Would you be better to spend money and outsource this cost and use your time on activities to build your business in other areas?

Your costs will therefore reflect the type of business that you wish to start and also how much disposable income you have to create your business.

What Makes A Successful Marketing Strategy?




To create a successful marketing strategy to need to plan and keep changing your plans regularly until you get a formula that is right. Keep changing and looking at different ways to help this. Experiment and be bold as you will guarantee to keep learning along the way.

Start off with your goal and work backwards.

How much money do you wish to earn in the first Year?

Break that down into months given yourself time to build you business in the first place.

How many customers does that break down into?Marketing Plan

Research into your competitors and what marketing is available that you can do for free and what you might wish to spend money on.

On your monthly plan you then want to input onto a planner the marketing that you will be doing and what you will be do. Plan every detail right down to topics, pictures, and other media sources.

Slowly your marketing plan will evolve once you start to look at the statistics. You can then perfect the areas daily, weekly, and monthly.


Thank you so much for sending me in your questions and I really hope that my answers have helped.

I will also use each one to create further topics and go into a little more depth on each question.

You can also catch me on my Facebook page every Thursday at 11.30am where I choose a subject for my Thursday Teach.

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If you do have any further questions or want a little more advice then please contact me by leaving your comments below.


8 thoughts on “FREE Online Questions And Answers

  1. Hi Imelda,

    Great article! I feel that your tips can help anyone in their journey to build an online business. Whether they are a few years in or trying to figure things out in the very beginning, there’s something for everyone in this article. It definitely can get scary in the building stages. I am still trying to make my blog profitable after 3 years because I was operating from a fearful place and mindset. I actually stopped working on my business for a long time. I am all in now. Just contnuing to learn and believing that I can do this no matter what. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you Terese,

      I really appreciate your wonderful comments and I truly hope it does help others. If you need anything please just ask. Happy to help where I can.

      All the best 


  2. You have cleared some things here that I never imagined and it makes so much se se to see them here. Honestly, the fact that you have given so much here makes me like this and also value it. This is honestly one of the best information for us as business starters to know what to do and how to get into the act. Thumbs up to you

    1. Thank you so much Darmi,

      I am so pleased that I have been able to help you and hopefully many others. If you need anything else please do not hesitate to contact me.

      All the best


  3. Thanks for this article, you can always make money online by doing different businesses and some people are also into online business using it as a side gig in order to  make extra cash. Having the knowledge of how to make money online is very good as it helps you stay safe from scam. These tips are really helpful and the answers are understandable.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments,

      I am so pleased that you feel that these tips will be beneficial for you as well as others. 

      Thank you once again


  4. Hello Imelda,

    so many questions about online business lie on the lips of so many people who are willing to get involved in it and as much as there are questions about these things, getting the answers is what matters the most. However you have given some really good answers and suggestions here. Thank you for sharing 

    1. Thank you so much Reece,

      I really appreciate your comments and pleased that you think they will help others.

      Thank you so much


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