Create Your Online Business Today

Create Your Online Business – Today!

IntroductionCreate Your Online Business

Have you been thinking about starting your online business but do not know how?

Have you recently been made redundant or lost hours of employment and need to earn some cash?

Now, is the time to get started and take control of your financial situation without waiting for your career to be governed by the big corporate companies who really do not care about you.

We are currently faced with a worldwide pandemic and unemployment is spiraling out of control but there are steps that you can do to help yourself and not get stuck in that rat trap that states “the world owes you a favour.”

If your expectations are like mine and you want to build your own business online to supplement the income you have currently, then let me show you how.

Over I year ago I decided that I wanted to work from home and no longer be beholden to anyone else for my income. However, I got caught in a trap after window shopping and wanted to earn money immediatley. Yes, you have guessed it I went back into the corporate world. What a big mistake, but one that I suppose I needed to learn otherwise I would not be where I am today.

During lock down like so many others I had the opportunity to really think about what I wanted in life……

More time with my friends and family

I wanted to learn more hobbies and have time for me.

Travel the world

Work a 40-hour week instead of my usual 70 hours

Be my own boss

Create a better lifestyle

I decided what was important for me and I wanted to take control of my own life and earn my own money through my hard work and efforts as well as helping others.

I have not looked back and now I want to help you to do the same.

Yes, it is scary. You must be focused and set goals so that you can work hard at the beginning and then create the business success you deserve.

This is not a quick get rich scheme. I want to show you how to create a business to be proud of that is going to give you the lifestyle you deserve.

I am going to show you how to create your online business in 7 simple steps and you can start today!

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s take action and start now.

Step 1 – Research Type of BusinessResearch Business

The first step to your business success is to decide on the type of business that you wish to create.

I currently have a challenge that I am doing on my Facebook page which is for 30 days where I ask people to have a business idea every day and write it down. The reason behind this is that people can focus on their ideas until they are drawn to the one that best suits them.

The other thing you can do is to have a look around locally to see what other people are doing that you think would suit you.

The most important thing is to be honest and genuine in what your business idea is. Think about your passion or hobbies. It could be something that you are skilled in or have experience with in your present and past jobs.

What do you enjoy?

How can you help others?

Initially, you might have an idea but not to sure where to take it. Take time to write ideas and really get specific about your area of expertise. This is what we call a niche.


My passion and profession is health and fitness. My area of expertise is helping people over 40 to take control of their health.

Another example could be Painting and Decorating with your niche about helping others paint their homes. This could cover lots of how to’s including paint colours, brush strokes, skirting boards, various unique designs etc

Try to create a niche that you can become known for. Let your individuality and your passion shine through. Share your knowledge to help others

Step 2 – Choose Your Online Model

Choose Online Model

Now you need to decide what the online model for your business is going to look like.

This could be a singular model or a multiple of different online revenues.

I provide a service with my business Health Huddle but I also promote affiliate links to products that I use through my website.

You might have a product that you make yourself and need to sell online.

Offering courses online could be another area of expertise.

You might wish to start with one opportunity and then allow things to unfold from there. I have found that is purely development and enhancement especially as you grow in confidence and allow opportunities to come to you.

Step 3 – Build Your Website

This is the most exciting step in your online business and where you start to get serious about your creation.

Think about your identity and that of your brand. This should be reflected in the Business Name you choose linked with colours and how you want to build your brand.

Basically, your website becomes your foundation and it is where your prospective customers will find out who you are and what you can do for them.Build Website

When building your websites there are plenty of places that can help which are relatively cheap and low cost


Go Daddy


Plus, many more

They cost a small amount of money and will also help link your domain to your business.

Alternatively, you could do what I did and joined Wealthy Affiliate because I wanted help with my business through a community of people that I could trust. As somebody new to starting an online business I wanted a place that I could go for technical support and training plus some marketing help. My bonus was being around like-minded people with various levels of experience that could help me on my journey.

If this is of interest, I can offer you a FREE 1-month trial to see if you like it.

FREE STarter


Plus, you get to start your online business immediately.

Obviously, you will also have my help along the way.


Step 4 – Fill Your Site With Good Content

Your website is the place that people need to be able to find out more about you and how you can help them. This is where you build up trust and rapport.

Please remember that there will be plenty of people that do not like what you are offering or cannot associate themselves with you and that is OK. What you want to attract is your own loyal audience so being authentic is key.

Fill Your Site With Good Content

Your website should have a brand and your individuality should shine through. Do not be scared to be you as this is the only way people can get to know you.

I buy from people I like, and I believe that is the same for most of us and none more so than online.

Be yourself!

The other reason we want to fill our website with good content is that this is where the search engines come into play and how traffic gets drawn to your site.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and the others rate your website and your posts so be creative and be authentic. They like creative information that is unique so do not copy others.

Blog posts are a great way to build information onto your website regularly and enables people to want to stay on your website for longer which is what you want.

Through your posts you can talk about your products, services, and reviews.

More blogs, more traffic which equals more business.

Step 5 – Comply with Business RegulationsComply Legal Regulations

This is a business so ensure that you are aware of your legal requirements depending on your particular online model.


Privacy Policy

Affiliate Disclaimer



Refund Policy

Plus, there could also be others that are more around your niche. Ensure that you research what you are required, and you can start with other competitors just to ensure that you are legally covered.

Step 6 – Launch Social Media Channels

Another important step to help you to send traffic to your business. Think about the social media channels you might use already. If this is not an area that you are familiar with then again look where your friends are or your competitors’ customers hang out?

I found that I am comfortable with Facebook and Instagram as this is something that I used for a previous fitness studio that I used to own. I know that my competitors are here and where my customers are.

Launch Social Media

However, I have started using Pinterest, Twitter and You Tube so that I can keep building my profile and trust.

TikTok and SnapChat as an example are used by a generally younger demographic so if this is your niche then these are both good channels.

Please do not get too overwhelmed by this and initially start with one and get good at that first then you can move onto the others.

I have two businesses and trying to use these social media channels can get to be difficult, so I try to be very disciplined, and I plan my marketing. However, I have built up slowly, with YouTube being the last one.

Step 7 – Attract Traffic To Your Online Business

As I mentioned briefly earlier this is the key to driving traffic to your website and creating your brand within your niche area.

You do not have to spend lots of money on advertising and I personally do not spend any money as I build my channels.

However, I post regularly through my website blogs and I re purpose those articles onto my social media channels.Attract Traffic To Your Online

I do live broadcasts which are good in Facebook and start to rank your pages regularly.

Just like all marketing you need to post regularly and often both on your website and social media sites. The search engines start to recognise and rank your information higher as you have more and more followers.

This is another area where you can become creative and different. Remember you are individual and there is no right or wrong. Have the confidence to try new things and have some fun.

Challenges and fun quizzes are brilliant ways to engage with people. What works one day might not work another so just keep trying to find a way that suits you and your business.


My 7 Simple Steps to creating your business online and you can start today.

Research Type of Business

Choose Online Model – Service or Sales

Build your Website

Fill Your Site with Good Content

Comply with Business Legal Requirements

Launch Social Media Channels

Attract Traffic to Online Business

It really is that simple to get started and I will help you along the way through my Business Aholic Page.

Working for yourself can be extremely rewarding but you do need to put in the hard work and effort to see the results.

4.67 billion users are now on the internet and this is growing fast. The reason why the retail market is suffering is because more people are looking at buying online and this trend is set to keep going.

This means there is a great opportunity for all of us, but remember that you need people to have trust in you. This is where the hard work comes into play and is also where the most amount of fun is.

I have learnt so much about building a website and creating a business I am proud of. I am not scared of hard work and I am driven by success and the need to help others.

Hopefully, the information that I have given you here will truly help you and give you the confidence to get started.

You can do this!

Be the inspiration to others and someone you can be proud of.

If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to let me know as I am more than happy to help you.


12 thoughts on “Create Your Online Business – Today!

  1. I love how you put work a 40 hour week instead of the 70. I do believe this will show people looking to replace their w2 income that work is still needed but you can do it on your terms and time. 

    I also liked your business page on Facebook just now, great information. I do believe that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to become a full-time entrepreneur. Although I am still on my journey, I have learned so much and have grown tremendously. 

    This was a great read and thank you for providing your servant leadership and bringing value to the people that find this and need it.

    1. Hello Gregg,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments I am so pleased that you believe I can help you with your online business. Hopefully I can help others too.

      Please let me know if you need any other help.

      Thank you 


  2. Hello Imelda, thanks for the information you have shared here and so many of us would be really happy about them because we are really looking forward to getting into an online business but do not know how to go about it. This article has given me some really great idea as to how go about it. Cheers

    1. Thank you Justin,

      I am so pleased that you believe my article will help others which is really important for me. I am hoping that I can give people confidence to do their online business for themselves. 

      Thank you 


  3. For a whole lot of people at times like this, things are not just going right and one really needs to do so much to try to make things right which is why the idea of having an online business is the best idea out there for anyone because it is just lucrative and easy to follow. Also, there is a lot of flexibility from working online which I really like.

    1. Thank you Suz,

      That is so true and important that people can take their finances into their own hands and enjoy a better way of life for the future. 

      I am so pleased you are enjoying your time online.

      All the best


  4. Great steps Imelda!

    I love the feeling of new blog creation – the call for new hope, a new purpose, and a new perspective at life. One starts to look differently whenever we go out, it helps give new ideas on our daily blog post content. Though being an introvert myself, I particularly find the social media part (Step 6) somewhat challenging though I know of its usefulness, do you happen to know if there is any other way to make it easier? I’d love to know 🙂

    1. Thank you Riaz,

      I really appreciate your comments especially about Social Media. In fact what I am going to do is do a teach on that later this week so that I can hopefully help you.

      Also, there is some great training with Wealthy Affiliate to show you how best to launch the different social media sites. 

      Thank you and good luck


  5. This article proved to be helpful. Because it is something i am passionate about, earning money at your convenience anywhere you are. I have being actively pursuing this as my full-time job for the past several months. I am so glad i found affiliate marketing as a tool to assist me in earning consistent income online from the comfort of my home. Thanks for being so precise and straight forward with your article.

    1. Thank you Daniel,

      I am so pleased that you have shared your success with us through my article it is really great to hear from someone other than myself.

      Here’s to your continued success.


  6. Hello there Imelda, there are a lot of things to consider when starting an online business and lots of challenges to face but I think your article has made it that much easier and definitely should be read by anyone who is truly interested in starting an online business as they will be sure to learn a great deal from it just as I did. 

    1. Thank you so much

      I really appreciate your comments and I am so pleased that I could be of help and hopefully as you mentioned help others.

      So many people think about starting their own business and hopefully with this article then can confidently create their online business with success.

      Thank you


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