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Wim Hof QuoteIntroduction

There are so many breathing techniques, but I came across this one as I could understand what Wim Hof was talking about. He was even on This Morning where I practiced a short breathing session, he chose to do which made me feel energized and super relaxed. Thankfully, I had finished a two-hour workout, so it was a great way for me to set up for my day.

I am a true believer that finding something that works for you is important. Now it is your time to find out more. Let me introduce you to The Iceman!

Who Is Wim Hof?Doorway To The Soul

Also, known as The Iceman he was born in April 1959 and born in the Netherlands.

He is a Dutch Extreme Athlete who has set plenty of (Guinness) and other Records for various achievements in the ice and cold such as: –

Swimming Under Ice

Prolonged Full Body Contact in Ice

Barefoot Half Marathon on Ice and Snow

Climbed to an altitude of 7,200 feet on Mount Everest in just shorts and shoes.

Ran a Marathon in the Namib Desert without water.

Half Marathon north of the Arctic Circle in bare feet

He attributes his success to his Wim Hof Method (WHF) and has been the subject of several medical assessments.

He comes from a large family of 9 and has 6 children of his own. He decided to develop his techniques with breathing in low temperatures after the loss of his first wife.

He has had various publications

1998 Climbing in Silence

2000 Reaching The Top Is Overcoming Your Fear

2012 Becoming The Iceman

2015 Koud Kunstje

What Is The Wim Hof Method?

This is a breathing technique to help you to develop the rate and pattern so that you can control your autonomic nervous system to achieve different results. Through practice the aim is to be to get a better awareness of your breathe and learn how to manipulate it to your own advantage.

Mastering Your Breath

The WHF Method is said to help improve your productivity, performance and overall, well being. Wim Hof believes that by taking control of our breathing will enable us to lead a happier, stronger, and healthier life.

The idea is that you learn to take control of your body to achieve exceptional goals.

Here are 6 Steps to give you an insight to The Wim Hof Method.

Get Comfortable

Find a place you will not be disturbed either sitting or lying down.

30 – 40 Power Breaths

Breathe In and Out 30 Times.

Deep breathing at a steady rate in and out through the mouth. As you inhale you should feel your belly rise and as you exhale you should feel your belly fall. You should feel like you are hyperventilating but in control. If you feel a tingling or lightheaded sensation through your body this is quite normal.

Hold Your Breathe

After your 30 – 40 Power Breaths empty your lungs of breath and just hold there for as long as you can without force.

Try to relax and close your eyes and just focus lightly.

Breathe in for 10 Seconds

After holding take a deep breathe in for 10 – 15 seconds before exhaling.

Repeat Steps 1 to 4

Repeat the whole process all over again. If you wanted to see your improvements, then you might find it is good to record your times and track your progression.

Meditate After 4 Rounds Of Breathing

After the power breaths you can go into your usual meditating practice for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Over time, you can practice this meditation for longer.

There is a disclaimer with this method stating not to practice the WHM before or during diving, driving, swimming, or taking a bath. Train without force and always listen to your body. The cold is a strong force and you do not need to experience this exposure to reap the benefits of this breathing practice. If not practiced responsibly you could risk hypothermia or an after drop. Individuals should not practice cold exposure if they are pregnant, on an empty stomach, after alcohol, after meals or during exercise. If you have serious health issues, please consult a doctor.

Health Benefits

Wim Hof states that regular practice will increase your health in the following ways.

Boost Immune System

Improve Concentration

Improve Mental Well-BeingEnergy

Increase Willpower

Increase Energy

Manage Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Relieve Depression

Relieve Stress

Improve Sleep

Wim Hof online courses


Preliminary studies of the Wim Hof Method have shown that hyperventilating can temporarily suppress the innate immune response as well as temporarily increase heart rate and adrenaline levels.

The broader medical claims such as treatment of cancer and auto immune disease have not been validated.

There are several studies underway researching the physical effects of the Wim Hof Method.

Participants in a 2014 study performed breathing techniques such as hyperventilating and retaining the breath, meditated, and were immersed in ice-cold water. Results showed that the Sympathetic Nervous System and the immune system can be voluntarily influenced. This could be due to the anti-inflammatory effect produced by this technique.

Ice Man Science

Scientists believe this could be useful to help in treating inflammatory conditions especially autoimmune diseases. People who learnt the Wim Hof Method had fewer flu like symptoms and increased plasma epinephrine (adrenaline) levels.

Another case study in 2017 found that he can tolerate the extreme cold by creating an artificial stress response in his body. Scientists believe that it is the brain rather than the body that helps to respond well to cold exposure. The study shows that people can learn to control their autonomic nervous system to bring about similar changes.


People have died whilst attempting the Wim Hof Method. Four practitioners have died in drowning accidents in 2016 and 2016 and relatives suspected it was the breathing techniques that were the cause.


I have learnt the power of breathing and the control that we can have over our body and our mind. This creates great health benefits and the Win Hof Method has been likened to that of the Tibetan Tummo and Pranayama Meditation techniques from the breathing perspective.

In the breathing technique itself I can truly see the powers that it can give an individual. However, I am not yet going to plan to immerse myself into cold water for any length of time soon as I really dislike the cold!

Thank you for reading and if you have any further questions then please comment below.


8 thoughts on “Breathing Techniques For Business

  1. Breathing is so important and is vital for our bodies to function the right way, It is so amazing how breathing techniques are used in so many ways. What I found interesting is how our bodies respond to the rate at which we breathe even our brains function to how we breathe. Thanks so much for sharing your post with me.

    1. Thank you Norman,

      Learning how to breathe is so important to how we think, how we deal with stress and overwhelm. At a time when the World is full of anxieties finding ways to help ourselves is really important.

      And breathe…………


  2. Tremendous input Imelda,

    I tried the breathing exercises and it helps a lot it increasing my focus and my energy levels, especially when working. I noticed that it delays my sleepiness when I’m working, and it helps me focus better too, totally ignoring my need to sleep especially when I’m driving and in a traffic jam which is crucial. So awesome I never knew about this, Wim Hof’s level of endurance and will is astounding!

    1. Thank you so much Riaz,

      I am so pleased that I have been able to help you. Breathing helps us to deal with our whole day and face overwhelm and stress. 

      Good luck with your breathing techniques.


  3. I have heard about this breathing technique but it’s actually the first time I hop online to research about it. I see how this can help us develop the rate and pattern and hence control your autonomic nervous system. I have been reading about our autonomic nervous system and I know this is possible.

    1. Thank you so much Ann,

      I am so pleased that you have found this useful. It can change your life and what you do daily.

      Good luck


  4. This is great! I never knew there were breathing techniques for business. It sounded to weird to me when I saw the title of this article. But I am very glad I got the chance to read this article and learn something new that can be beneficial to both me, my friends and my family. Thanks for the great piece of information.

    1. Thank you Kelvin,

      I am so pleased that this information was new to you and something that you now feel will be useful to you, your family and your friends.

      Thank you so much


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